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5/15/15 03:15 pm - FYI

Because I'm starting a new chapter in life after post-secondary education and I don't want to risk any private information being shown publicly, I will be friends-locking posts related to my work.

Rest assured that any fangirling will still be conducted publicly XD

Not that there's anyone who will add me, but if you do, please leave a comment here!

10/17/08 09:51 pm - Life...and stuff

Um, I think a lotta people on my flist defriended me XD oops... Well, sorry I haven't updated in ages...just busy with life in general. So here's a bulleted summary of some major things that happened to me if you're interested.

- I officially finished my last university class in June! I lounged around and relaxed (ie. got super lazy) all summer long without any  "back-to-school" woes. I deserved it. I did do useful and meaningful things though (which deserves a bulleted point of its own).

- My sis got married in September!!! So I helped her plan, organize, and give ideas amidst my lounging around during the summer months. I helped with the ceremony decorations and arrangements, helped design their monogram and wedding program (a pamphlet of the ceremony run-down for the guests) and even hand made boutennieres for the family guests. I was also the maid of honour. 

- I attended my convocation (graduation ceremony) last week. That officially brings my academic career to a dramatic close. I feel quite sad even though I have said again and again that I hated school lol...  I guess that now I'm thrusted into the real world of job hunting, interviewing, and being rejected by employers, it's made me appreciate how simple, familiar, and untroubling school life can be. Or maybe because I miss my U-pass that gave me unlimited rides on public transporation as a university student. Now I gotta pay $5 for a 3-zone transit fare!!! $10 for a round-trip fare!!! Just slit my throat and drain my blood will ya?

- And speaking of finding jobs, I have started my search for one that suits me. Of course, no such job exists...unless you count being a housewife lol. I sent out a couple dozen of cover letters and resumes the last 2 months and got 2 interviews so far. I guess that's not too bad. Actually, for my first interview I already got an offer but I rejected it... Anyway, job related stuff and details will have to go in a private post. I don't need to have potential employers lurking around and seeing this!

- I started a food blog. Inspired by www.chowtimes.com I decided to create my own little blog dedicated to interesting eateries and places I've experienced. Of course, it's not as good as the "professional" food blogs out there what with their gastronomic culinary jargon, sharp and detailed photography, and amusing witty comments about the food, but I'll do my best to document some good and bad eats around Metro Vancouver and possibly outside Canada. So, please visit www.eatingaround604.blogspot.com and enjoy the food :)

Ok, well that's it for now. See ya. 

10/21/07 07:59 pm - Choux-creme de la creme

There's nothing like the power of good food to make oneself feel better.

Today, I went out to have ramen for lunch. I've been craving for it for a long time and finally got to satisfy my craving. There's this new ramen shop in Richmond (at Parker Place to be exact) so my family and I went out to try it. It's actually a franchise that has many shops globally but surprisingly their website(s) doesn't say that it has locations in Japan so LOL. Well, overall the food was not bad, service was prompt and the decor was clean and bright (um, hot pink coloured chairs anyone?) so it's worth going back again. Apparently the owner of this franchise shop is Christian because they kept playing Chinese Christian "pop" hymns. LOL again.

Afterwards, went to Aberdeen to try the much-hyped Beard Papa cream puffs (also known as choux-creme I believe). It's also a newly opened store at the food court and due to the advertised hype, many people came to try it out. We had to wait in line for an hour to buy 3 measly puffs! We were going to get more but by the time we got to the counter, they only had 3 left! If we wanted more, we had to wait 20 minutes for the freshly baked puffs to cool down in order to squirt the creme inside @_@. Well, I guess the 1 hour wait was pretty worth it. The choux-creme was indeed delicious. The puff was crisp on the outside, soft in the inside and the mix of vanilla custard and cream was cooling and smooth. They only had one flavour (vanilla) but they said they'll be bringing more cream flavours later on. 

Here, have some pictures

Btw, a single choux-creme puff is the size of an adult fist. Ughh so fattening LOL. I guess all that sugar and fat does make one's emotions better because I feel much better right now than last night's (locked) post. I gotta get more of those choux-creme the next time I'm in Richmond XD


9/9/07 11:39 pm - Excuse me...

...for not being an elite user of the interweb, but what exactly does FTW stand for?

9/5/07 06:30 pm - School sucks

 Why do I seem to always have dilemmas and anxiety attacks at the beginning of each semester? I, once again, am stuck in deciding whether I should drop 1 or 2 of my courses because of its abnormally high work load. I mean, it's not required for my major, just that I need them to fulfill my graduation requirements that's all. Here's the pros and cons of dropping the course(s).

+ Lighter work load means spending more time on the other required courses for my major.
+ More time dedicated to doing readings, putting more thought and effort into papers/assignments.
+ I can help my mom (who is currently on a longterm medication treatment for an illness) with chores around the house so she can rest more.
+ I won't be constantly having mental breakdowns, anxiety attacks and/or depression.
+ More "Me" time.

- I will have to increase my course load for the next 2 semesters if I want to graduate in 2008.
- If I keep the course/work load the same as right now in the next semesters, my grad. date will be pushed back to 2009 (although I will probably be finished with schooling at the end of 2008).
- Continuing on from the above point, I will have been in university for a whopping 6 years. I know that's nothing to be really ashamed of since it's not a race or anything...just it feels like I'm diddling and dawdling and wasting money...

Both of the courses are crazy. Each one has the workload of 2 courses and the structure is very disorganized. I don't want to risk my CGPA with a disorganized and unrequired course. And there's other factors involved too. I will have to leave a week early at the end of the semester to go to HK to watch my sister's graduation ceremony. So if I drop the course(s), I can't fill up the space with another course even if I wanted to. I will need to pick a course that goes towards the grad. requirements, has no prerequisites (or has prereq. that I have already fulfilled) but also has no final exam. ~_~ And of course all the courses that fulfill these factors are all closed/full now. Can you see the dilemma I am in? So with that, I am greatly leaning towards just dropping them, focus on the more important courses this semester and then just catch up next semester. 

Does that make me a coward? 
Well, I shouldn't really care... I should do whatever that makes me comfortable, right? Anyway, I will come to a final decision by the end of this week after I see how my other class tomorrow is like (another course I dread). Bah.

8/30/07 11:56 pm - Wii~

Cooking Mama is fun LOL. This is the first in a long time that I've played with any sort of game console. So inevitably I looked like a dork swinging around the remote thingy but it was still fun chopping, stirring, adjusting temperatures and stuff... Although I think I'll just stick to real life cooking where I'm actually less liable in burning my food..hahaha...

And speaking of cooking, I baked chocolate matcha marble cupcakes this morning. I actually woke up early (this coming from a person who slept in until 1 PM the past 2 weeks) just to take the bus out to the store to buy flour and butter then come home and bake. They turned out pretty well. The chocolate and matcha flavour wasn't strong enough for me but it still tasted good and it was nice and fluffy. Yay for not sucking at cooking/baking in real life (as opposed to my failure in Cooking Mama) :D

8/1/07 04:07 pm - What kind of society is this? AKA mean/racist people suck

I have not encountered many discriminatory or racist people/acts in person for my whole life. I've always been glad that I live in a place that boasts of its multiculturalism and acceptance of diverse ethnicities. But today, I just experienced how some "white" people are still unfriendly  and down right rude towards "us", the ethnic minorities.

My mom and I were just driving back home from the mall. We were driving on a 2 lane road and out of nowhere this red truck honks his horn and zooms up from behind and then cuts in front of us and then speeds off. Ok, no big deal, they're probably in a rush. But it's not like my mom was driving at a granny pace. We were just driving at the speed limit. There's nothing wrong with that. So then when we reached the intersection up ahead, we saw the same red truck stopped at the light. We stopped in the lane next to them because we were turning left. I glanced to my right and the driver was like this middle aged man with his son, probably in his late teens or early 20's. I wasn't even staring at him but the driver gave me a dirty look and F*CKING SPAT AT MY WINDOW. WTF WTF WTF. How disgusting can that be? Not just the act but the attitude, the discrimination and blatant unfriendliness that I/we have to put up with.

Maybe the guy has road rage, maybe he's had a bad day, maybe he's not really racist but just lost his temper at something and aimed it at us, who just happened to be Chinese. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt but really, what kind of civilized person SPITS at another car? I know a majority of Caucasian people are great and friendly. It's just those kind of people that give the rest a bad name.

Anyways, I'm gonna go watch Hanakimi and chill with a bowl of ice cream. XD

6/11/07 12:17 pm - Grah

Haha I don't really know why I put that as my subject. Maybe because that's the sound of how I feel right now? A mix of grrr and blah....? 
My bf flew back to HK last Friday because he will be working there for 6 months and so a long distance relationship has started. The weekend was ok since we both had free time to talk online and on the phone for a while but once the week begins I can't stay up late (time difference) to chat with him. I'll need some adjustment to the "quietness" :T
Then this morning I got back my first assignment for a course and it was completely butchered (and the T.A was already being generous) so yeah there goes my hope for this class. I have half a mind to just skip lecture in the afternoon and go somewhere to window shop. Really don't feel like being a student today.
How are you all?

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