Flo (floops) wrote,


Haha I don't really know why I put that as my subject. Maybe because that's the sound of how I feel right now? A mix of grrr and blah....? 
My bf flew back to HK last Friday because he will be working there for 6 months and so a long distance relationship has started. The weekend was ok since we both had free time to talk online and on the phone for a while but once the week begins I can't stay up late (time difference) to chat with him. I'll need some adjustment to the "quietness" :T
Then this morning I got back my first assignment for a course and it was completely butchered (and the T.A was already being generous) so yeah there goes my hope for this class. I have half a mind to just skip lecture in the afternoon and go somewhere to window shop. Really don't feel like being a student today.
How are you all?

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