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School sucks

 Why do I seem to always have dilemmas and anxiety attacks at the beginning of each semester? I, once again, am stuck in deciding whether I should drop 1 or 2 of my courses because of its abnormally high work load. I mean, it's not required for my major, just that I need them to fulfill my graduation requirements that's all. Here's the pros and cons of dropping the course(s).

+ Lighter work load means spending more time on the other required courses for my major.
+ More time dedicated to doing readings, putting more thought and effort into papers/assignments.
+ I can help my mom (who is currently on a longterm medication treatment for an illness) with chores around the house so she can rest more.
+ I won't be constantly having mental breakdowns, anxiety attacks and/or depression.
+ More "Me" time.

- I will have to increase my course load for the next 2 semesters if I want to graduate in 2008.
- If I keep the course/work load the same as right now in the next semesters, my grad. date will be pushed back to 2009 (although I will probably be finished with schooling at the end of 2008).
- Continuing on from the above point, I will have been in university for a whopping 6 years. I know that's nothing to be really ashamed of since it's not a race or anything...just it feels like I'm diddling and dawdling and wasting money...

Both of the courses are crazy. Each one has the workload of 2 courses and the structure is very disorganized. I don't want to risk my CGPA with a disorganized and unrequired course. And there's other factors involved too. I will have to leave a week early at the end of the semester to go to HK to watch my sister's graduation ceremony. So if I drop the course(s), I can't fill up the space with another course even if I wanted to. I will need to pick a course that goes towards the grad. requirements, has no prerequisites (or has prereq. that I have already fulfilled) but also has no final exam. ~_~ And of course all the courses that fulfill these factors are all closed/full now. Can you see the dilemma I am in? So with that, I am greatly leaning towards just dropping them, focus on the more important courses this semester and then just catch up next semester. 

Does that make me a coward? 
Well, I shouldn't really care... I should do whatever that makes me comfortable, right? Anyway, I will come to a final decision by the end of this week after I see how my other class tomorrow is like (another course I dread). Bah.
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