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Choux-creme de la creme

There's nothing like the power of good food to make oneself feel better.

Today, I went out to have ramen for lunch. I've been craving for it for a long time and finally got to satisfy my craving. There's this new ramen shop in Richmond (at Parker Place to be exact) so my family and I went out to try it. It's actually a franchise that has many shops globally but surprisingly their website(s) doesn't say that it has locations in Japan so LOL. Well, overall the food was not bad, service was prompt and the decor was clean and bright (um, hot pink coloured chairs anyone?) so it's worth going back again. Apparently the owner of this franchise shop is Christian because they kept playing Chinese Christian "pop" hymns. LOL again.

Afterwards, went to Aberdeen to try the much-hyped Beard Papa cream puffs (also known as choux-creme I believe). It's also a newly opened store at the food court and due to the advertised hype, many people came to try it out. We had to wait in line for an hour to buy 3 measly puffs! We were going to get more but by the time we got to the counter, they only had 3 left! If we wanted more, we had to wait 20 minutes for the freshly baked puffs to cool down in order to squirt the creme inside @_@. Well, I guess the 1 hour wait was pretty worth it. The choux-creme was indeed delicious. The puff was crisp on the outside, soft in the inside and the mix of vanilla custard and cream was cooling and smooth. They only had one flavour (vanilla) but they said they'll be bringing more cream flavours later on. 

Here, have some pictures

Btw, a single choux-creme puff is the size of an adult fist. Ughh so fattening LOL. I guess all that sugar and fat does make one's emotions better because I feel much better right now than last night's (locked) post. I gotta get more of those choux-creme the next time I'm in Richmond XD

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