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Life...and stuff

Um, I think a lotta people on my flist defriended me XD oops... Well, sorry I haven't updated in ages...just busy with life in general. So here's a bulleted summary of some major things that happened to me if you're interested.

- I officially finished my last university class in June! I lounged around and relaxed (ie. got super lazy) all summer long without any  "back-to-school" woes. I deserved it. I did do useful and meaningful things though (which deserves a bulleted point of its own).

- My sis got married in September!!! So I helped her plan, organize, and give ideas amidst my lounging around during the summer months. I helped with the ceremony decorations and arrangements, helped design their monogram and wedding program (a pamphlet of the ceremony run-down for the guests) and even hand made boutennieres for the family guests. I was also the maid of honour. 

- I attended my convocation (graduation ceremony) last week. That officially brings my academic career to a dramatic close. I feel quite sad even though I have said again and again that I hated school lol...  I guess that now I'm thrusted into the real world of job hunting, interviewing, and being rejected by employers, it's made me appreciate how simple, familiar, and untroubling school life can be. Or maybe because I miss my U-pass that gave me unlimited rides on public transporation as a university student. Now I gotta pay $5 for a 3-zone transit fare!!! $10 for a round-trip fare!!! Just slit my throat and drain my blood will ya?

- And speaking of finding jobs, I have started my search for one that suits me. Of course, no such job exists...unless you count being a housewife lol. I sent out a couple dozen of cover letters and resumes the last 2 months and got 2 interviews so far. I guess that's not too bad. Actually, for my first interview I already got an offer but I rejected it... Anyway, job related stuff and details will have to go in a private post. I don't need to have potential employers lurking around and seeing this!

- I started a food blog. Inspired by www.chowtimes.com I decided to create my own little blog dedicated to interesting eateries and places I've experienced. Of course, it's not as good as the "professional" food blogs out there what with their gastronomic culinary jargon, sharp and detailed photography, and amusing witty comments about the food, but I'll do my best to document some good and bad eats around Metro Vancouver and possibly outside Canada. So, please visit www.eatingaround604.blogspot.com and enjoy the food :)

Ok, well that's it for now. See ya. 
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