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Cooking Mama is fun LOL. This is the first in a long time that I've played with any sort of game console. So inevitably I looked like a dork swinging around the remote thingy but it was still fun chopping, stirring, adjusting temperatures and stuff... Although I think I'll just stick to real life cooking where I'm actually less liable in burning my food..hahaha...

And speaking of cooking, I baked chocolate matcha marble cupcakes this morning. I actually woke up early (this coming from a person who slept in until 1 PM the past 2 weeks) just to take the bus out to the store to buy flour and butter then come home and bake. They turned out pretty well. The chocolate and matcha flavour wasn't strong enough for me but it still tasted good and it was nice and fluffy. Yay for not sucking at cooking/baking in real life (as opposed to my failure in Cooking Mama) :D
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