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5/12/07 10:37 pm - Popping in

I just want to ask, does anyone else see a resemblance between Matsushige Yutaka (the man that plays one of the teachers in Proposal Daisakusen) and Christopher Walken?? Maybe I'm crazy or something's wrong with my eyes but when I saw him in the drama, I was like "WTF Asian Christopher Walken?? @_@" Hahaha....

3/11/07 07:34 pm - Hm I actually have the notion to post

I find this odd because I rarely post on LJ. Anyways.

 My life is bland and often depressing. I think I will skip my afternoon lecture tomorrow. I seriously need to work on my term paper. And I'll probably be in a panicky and anxious state after meeting up with my  groupmates about the dreaded presentation we have to do. I'll be in no mood to sit in the lecture hall and concentrate on the joys of rhetoric. I wish the presentation would magically disappear. I f***ing hate presentations. Any advice on how to make this a more enjoyable task would be appreciated :T

Ughhh and we are in the midst of a heavy rainfall warning right now. I haven't seen the sun and blue skies in a long time! I am so craving for warmer, drier weather. I don't want to carry a soaking wet, half broken umbrella anymore >.< 

Even though I just had a vacation 3 months ago, I desperately want another one now. I don't care if it's somewhere close by, I just want to get away from uni. and just forget that it exists.

I really don't have anything positive to talk about do I? *tries to think of something positive to write*
Umm, at least I'm not sick anymore!

Hah, alright, I've lost that feeling to write/post now. Guess I'll eat dinner and then try to finish my essay outline. Ta~  

1/22/07 11:22 am

I want my weekend back. It went by too quickly :(

I woke up early this morning and went to school for nothing. NOTHING. All the tutorials were cancelled and now I have 3 hours of time to waste. I could have slept in and went to school later >.< I should not have to endure this what with the kind of tuition I pay. Grrrr. I'm mad and trying hard to fight off sleepiness right now.

1/15/07 12:26 pm - O-hisashiburi

Hello everyone~ It's been a while hasn't it? After coming back from Hong Kong I was so jet lagged and overwhelmed with unpacking luggage that I just wanted to hide away and sleep for 1 week straight...which I sort of did XD. School has started again *ugh* and since I have a two hour break right now in between classes, I might as well update.

3 weeks in HK was totally not enough. Actually it was more like 2 weeks because I spent 1 day in Macau and 5 days in Thailand as well. The weather at Thailand was incredible. Not too sweltering hot and it was sunny everyday. The beaches at Pattaya were beautiful and the water was emerald green. I'll post pictures when I'm not as lazy to upload them XD. The traffic jams in Bangkok were horrendous though. We almost missed watching the transvestite/drag queen show LOLLL.... I'm not very fond of Thai food but the overall experience of everything there was not bad. I can add another country to the list of places I've been to now :D

Hong Kong was great. I haven't been there in 14 years so I was quite lost and directionless most of the time. At intersections, I kept looking left and then right which was like a big no-no LOL. If it wasn't for my mom pulling me back, I would have been hit by a car and a bus (yes, it occurred twice at different times -_-")....stupid traffic pattern changes. Anyway, I did most things that tourists would do like taking the tram up to The Peak, ride the Star Ferry, eat seafood at Lamma Island, shop at the street markets at Stanley, walk and shop around Mong Kok, and ride the cable cars at Ngong Ping 360 to see the giant Buddha. Of course, I bought stuff but not a lot of useless junk. Mostly clothes, magazines and snacks. I think a lot of the money was spent on transportation. The Octopus cards were really convenient but because we relied a lot on the bus and MTR (subway), the fares added up to a huge amount. Other than that, I walked a lot. Walking while shopping was not as painful because there was always some sort of reward at the end (be it food or clothes) but the one time where it was painful was walking/hiking down one of the trails at The Peak down to Pokfulam Rd with my sister. Yeah, it was all downhill but it was steep and it was dark at night so it was really creepy LOL... Good exercise but uhh probably never again.

Food was good in HK. Breakfast and lunch were always cheap, never surpassing $6 CND. I had so much fast food (not as in McD's but as in Chinese style) at Cafe de Coral. That place is so awesome LOL. Have you ever had steak dinner or a complete hot pot meal at a fast food restaurant before?? The efficiency at all these chains is amazing. I also ate a lot at mall food courts since there were a few days where I spent shopping in malls. I saw MOS Burger!!! Dammit!!! I wanted to try it but the line up was freakin' long and I just had a long day walking and shopping so I wasn't in the mood to stand and wait for another hour just to get a burger. T_T Hope I'll get the opportunity to try it one day. I also ate snake but that's nothing impressive since I've eaten it before. OMG I miss all the dessert/sweet soup shops in HK. Just thinking about it makes me crave for tofu pudding. And can I say that Asian convenient stores are way more superior than North American ones? Ok, so maybe the products they have appeal more to me than the North American ones. I wish there was sushi, onigiri, and bottles of hot Vita Soy drinks available here :( And they should give away free tissue packs with every newspaper/magazine you buy too XDDD 

I wish I could go back soon....but not in the summertime. Winter time in HK is the best weather-wise. My boyfriend might be going back for a few months after April..hahaha he's gonna have a helluva a time adjusting to the humid weather XD Oh, surprisingly I didn't gain any weight from all the eating (maybe it's from all the walking I did?) but I think I got fatter around my arms and tummy =P Ugh..gotta do some stomach crunches in my spare time now. Does anyone know any good exercises to do to trim/tone the arms? I don't want flabby arms!! D:

Anyways, almost time for class so that's all for now. Hope my long post didn't bore you. Until then~

12/10/06 06:28 pm - Greetings from HK!

Hey! I guess I've never mentioned it but I'll be spending my winter break in HK. I've arrived safely yesterday morning and had a long and tiring day due to jet lag/time difference. 

It's just my second day here but my feet are already super tired from all the walking. Experiencing the life in HK makes me appreciate the lifestyle and convenience of having a car back at home. I think I'll be sick and tired of walking by the end of the year =_=

I'm using my sister's laptop and Internet in her dorm right now but I probably won't have access to Internet everyday so I'll try to post pics and stuff when I have the opportunity. If not, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!

11/28/06 09:26 am - Not my fault ^^;;

If you're living in the lower mainland of B.C, you'll know what kind of weather we are having right now. We just had a snowstorm over the weekend and now the temperature has dipped to below 10 celcius which, with wind chill factor, feels like -19!! AUGHHH!!! School was cancelled yesterday so I was outside shovelling snow in the afternoon. School is open today though....

So, I'm all dressed and bundled up ready to face the below-zero temperature this morning. I go outside to wait for my bus to go to school and what does the neighbour tell me and the other waiters out there? "Hey bus people! There's no bus right now. It's stuck outside the main route and can't get in. There hasn't been a bus in here since 6 AM." WTF. It sucks that us little neighbourhoods get no help from the municipality. Our roads haven't been plowed or salted so they look like long ice rinks. All the cars are skidding around trying to gain traction so it's no wonder the buses don't even want to come in here. 

And there's no way in hell I'm walking out to the main station. With the slippery roads plus sub-zero temperature, it's going to take me like 2 hours to get there and by that time my class has already ended! So yeah...forces of nature tell me to stay comfortable in my heated home and study XDD

10/20/06 02:31 pm

I just had my first Japanese oral exam and I was nervous as hell. It was only 3 minutes long and it seemed shorter than that but I think it went pretty well. Stumbled a few times and had her repeat one question once, although at the end sensei said I did well and I was nervous for nothing. ^^;;  But dammit, if I wasn't down with a cold, I think I would have done better. A 3 minute oral exam worth 20% of my mark....ugh... Here's hoping I get a good mark.

9/21/06 09:50 am - what

I woke up early to go to school and got on a packed bus only to find out sensei was sick and that class was cancelled! What! It was my only class for the day ~_~ Oh well, I'll just get a cup of coffee and mull around on the school Internet since my net at home is not freakin' working. Argh.
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